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Baby Signing

Here at the Carrier Academy of Learning, we encourage the teachers to teach American Sign Language to Infants and Toddlers to motivate their speech development. Researchers have found that baby signing has done wonders for teachers and parents. Young children can communicate feelings and emotions through signing before they can form words. Although they can understand many of the words they hear, they have not yet developed language skills. At times, signing can also help prevent temper tantrums due to the lack of speech and also help you to understand what the child’s needs are.

Infant Services

Baby Playing with BlocksOur Infant and toddler program is similar to our regular learning programs, but our education program consists of age-appropriate experimentation with different toys. They are stimulated through stories, music, new food, and natural elements outside. They also begin to learn and adjust to routines such as hellos and goodbyes, meal time, nap time, and more!

Monthly Themes

Each month, our staff plans a special theme to use for lessons and activities.

  • September Nursery Rhymes
  • October My Different Senses
  • November All the Colors Around Me
  • December My Family and Me
  • January Changes in My Days
  • February Friends
  • March All About Me
  • April Peek-A-Boo!
  • May Mommies and Babies
  • June Daddies and Babies
  • July My World Around Me

Toddler/Twos Services

All children develop at different times, so our teachers are trained to note clues as to when your child may be ready for toilet training. We encourage all teachers working with this age group to make it a positive, fun, learning experience.

Toddler Themes

  • September All About Me
  • October Harvest Gathering
  • November On the Farm
  • December Winter Play and Holidays
  • January Machines at Work
  • February Nursery Rhymes / Songs
  • March Colors and Shapes
  • April Busy Bugs
  • May What’s Growing?
  • June Under the Sea
  • July Summer Fun
  • August Physical Me

Two’s Themes

  • September Families
  • October Farming & Harvesting
  • November Physical Me
  • December Which One? (Opposites)
  • January Which One II?
  • February Weather
  • March Dr. Seuss Places We’ll Go
  • April Once Upon a Time
  • May Nursery Rhymes and Songs
  • June At the Zoo
  • July By the Sea
  • August Animals of the Forest