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kids playing with toys at daycare It’s common for parents to have trouble with daycare drop-off, but what about pickup? Believe it or not, kids are not always ready or willing to leave daycare! After all, they have spent the day learning, participating in fun activities and playing with friends. What can you do to get your child ready to go home, without causing a meltdown? We have 7 quick tips.

1. Be Prepared

When pickup is at the end of a workday, you run into the chance of traffic. Have your child’s favorite toy and a snack ready in the car to keep them entertained on the ride home.

2. Arrive on Time

If you show up late, your child may feel rushed and get upset. By arriving on time or even early, you allow your child the time to say goodbye to friends, teachers and to pack up.

3. Talk to Teachers

The daycare staff has spent a good portion of the day with your child; take the opportunity to speak with the teachers about how the day went. If it was difficult, you can be prepared ahead of time to handle your child’s potentially negative behavior.

4. Don’t Rush

Along the same lines as showing up on time, try to avoid pulling your child out of daycare as fast as possible. If other kids are still waiting to be picked up, walk around the classroom and talk to your child about what he or she learned that day.

5. Distract from Pickup

Rather than focusing on the fact you’re leaving daycare, say “I can’t wait to hear all about your day in the car” or invite them to help the staff clean up, so they can go home too.

6. Offer an Incentive

Talk about what’s going to happen at home, whether it’s seeing a sibling or playing a game before dinnertime. It also helps to have an at-home ritual your child can look forward to, such as reading a book together.

7. Mind Your Mood

No matter how your day went, always be pleasant. It might have been a stressful day at the office, but these negative feelings will rub off on your child.
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