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father and daughter in the kitchenThe start of a new year is a great time to set goals and resolutions for ourselves. For adults, these goals are often geared towards exercise and weight loss.

Whether it’s changing a bad habit or creating a healthy new one, goal setting can be a productive way to better our lives.

It’s important for children to set goals too! In order to form healthy habits, children should start developing goals at an early age. Here are a few goals you can suggest for your kids.

Keep Bedroom Clean

Setting goals for a child can help teach them the basic principles of responsibility. Cleaning up after yourself is a great habit to form.

Start by having them put toys away after playing or teaching them how to make their bed. Make sure to inspect the room daily and celebrate when they clean correctly. This will encourage them to continue the behavior!

FUN IDEA: Along with responsibility, this habit can teach children to value their belongings and taking care of them. At the end of every month, have your child pick three toys they no longer play with to donate to others in need.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

While important, including fruits and vegetables in a child’s diet is often easier said than done. This year, make getting the necessary nutrients every day something to look forward to! Let children pick out the healthy foods they want to try at the grocery store.

It’s also important to set your own example. Shop the perimeter of the store, avoiding the junk food aisle, and make sure your children see you enjoying fruits and vegetables too.

FUN IDEA: Make eating fruits and vegetables fun by getting creative! Serve Ants on a Log or a Watermelon Fruit Pizza! Snacks like this can spark the interest of children and encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables in the future.

Limit Screen Time

Technology has become a huge part of most children’s lives. Although it has proven itself to be helpful and convenient, screen time should still be limited throughout the day.

Too much screen time can lead to poor sleep, learning struggles and physical health issues. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can increase risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Unless being used for schoolwork, set specific times for your child to use technology for leisure. Find other activities to do at night and on the weekends that don’t involve screens.

FUN TIP: Reading is a great alternative to technology for children. Create a fun reading chart to encourage them to read more books!
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