COVID-19 Update: We are proud to serve our community during these difficult times. Our learning center is open for all essential workers who need our childcare services. Please rest assured we are going above and beyond all CDC guidelines for sanitation and safety, to protect the health and wellness of the children and our staff. Please Contact Us for more information.

children with hands raised Finding the best fit for after-school care can be a challenge, but it’s worth the research. According to data from the After School Alliance, these programs help children make better decisions, improve their grades and lead to higher graduation rates.

As you’re looking around, ask yourself the following questions to help guide your choice.

1. What’s Your Child’s Personality?

Does your child function well in group environments? Assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses and keep this information in mind when touring local centers. Does it seem like the ideal experience for everyone involved?

At Carrier Academy of Learning, we encourage kids to build self-esteem and independence through their interactions with others. Our staff works to accommodate the social and emotional needs of each child.

2. What Are Your Child’s Interests?

Consider your child’s favorite subjects and what he or she likes to do outside of school. Does the after-school program have similar offerings? Depending on the type of care center, there may be guest speakers or local field trips.

Carrier Academy of Learning has monthly themes that guide our curriculum, so children are exposed to different areas of education. At the end of the day, our goal is for all children to be socially, physically and cognitively enriched.

3. Research Local Providers

Every state has government resources regarding child care providers, including official regulations, licensing and inspection reports. Research Connecticut-based providers here.

4. Learning & Development Supported?

Does the environment enhance learning or simply provide supervision for your child? Every family has a different need for after-school care, but we believe in supplementing what children have learned in school. Carrier Academy of Learning promotes cognitive, social and emotional development in children of all ages.

5. What Resources Are Available?

Look for a program that offers homework help and accommodates special learning needs. Particularly for working parents of school-age children, it’s important that time spent away from home is productive. When pickup time rolls around and homework has been started or completed, parents can spend more quality evening hours with their kids.

6. Is the Environment Safe?

On each facility tour, ask about the ratio of children to staff members, security measures, the illness policy, allergen-free meal options – whatever will help you feel assured your child is in safe hands. A reputable learning center will have this information readily available.
To learn more about the benefits Carrier Academy of Learning can offer your child, contact us to schedule a tour today!