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The first five years of a child life are the most vital for learning and development. Day care is a great way to ensure your child is on the right path to growth and discovery, yet it can be a difficult transition. Toddlers are unfamiliar with a “school” setting and parents may be hesitant to put childcare in someone else’s hands.

At Carrier Academy of Learning, we help make the process as smooth as possible for everyone’s benefit! What can parents do to help set up their children for daycare success?

Develop a Routine

The first step is to get your child used to a structured schedule. In the days leading up to the big event, wake up in the morning and have breakfast together. When the breakfast routine has been established, start talking about what to expect from daycare. The more familiar your child comes with this routine, the better equipped he or she will be for the first day.

Get Excited

Most toddlers look up to and want to do the same things as their older siblings. Your child may be curious about a brother or sister going off to school. To get him or her excited, explain that day care is similar to the big kid schools for learning and making new friends.

Choose a Comfort Item

Familiarity helps us feel more comfortable in a new setting. A reminder of home, such as a small stuffed animal or family photo, may put your child at ease in a new environment and help with separation anxiety.

Confident Goodbyes

Be cheerful and encouraging during the departure – do not linger. If you’re apprehensive, your child may latch onto this emotion and not want to say goodbye. Experts recommend a quick kiss, hug and reassurance you will be back soon.

Be Patient

As with any new adventure in parenthood, understand your child will have good and bad days. It can be hard adjusting to a completely new schedule without mom or dad there all the time. There may confusion or disagreements with other children that will have to be worked through but remain steadfast in making sure days continue to get better!
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