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girl and mother reading bookAccording to the American Academy of Pediatrics, most children learn to read between the ages of six and seven. Depending on how early a child is introduced to the concept, he or she could be reading by kindergarten. In any case, kids can build their reading skills outside the classroom too. What can parents do to help their children learn to read?

Converse With Your Child

From a young age, speak to your child often to encourage their own speech patterns. Use what’s around the house to teach new words – ball, car, dog – and repeat the names. As your child learns to read, start labeling objects for him or her to identify independently.

Work on Letter Recognition

The ability to recognize letters is the groundwork for reading and writing. Help your child learn the alphabet with blocks, magnets and basic ABC books for early development.

Start on Spelling

Once letters have been learned, teach your child to write his or her name. You can also introduce basic words to further strengthen alphabet recognition and reading ability.

Read Books Together

Start reading to your child as early as birth! After all, kids learn their first words from listening to those around them. As the interest in story time grows, you can read books together. When a difficult passage comes up, sound out the words together, then have your child repeat the new words back to you several times for reinforcement.

Reading Comprehension

When reading a book together, take breaks to discuss the story. It’s one thing to identify letters and speak the words, but it’s another to understand and follow the plot of a book.

Celebrate Milestones

Some parents shy away from rewards but when it comes to learning, praise can encourage them to continue. As reading is one of our most important life skills, go ahead and acknowledge your child’s accomplishments!
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