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little girl paintingEnrolling your child in a Preschool or Pre-K Program can give him or her an advantage when making the transition to kindergarten. These curriculums are instrumental in strengthening social and emotional skills in young children.

At Carrier Academy of Learning, our programs establish a structure and make learning fun! Here are some of the many benefits of our Preschool & Pre-K Programs.

Cognitive Development

Imagination and exploration are two key elements of the learning process for kids. Our experienced teachers work together with our preschool students to enhance problem solving skills, while encouraging them to discover new abilities and emotions.

Our Pre-K students then apply these skills and reactions to more advanced learning techniques. Twice a year, we conduct an assessment to determine each child’s needs, interests and abilities, so we can plan activities accordingly.

Kindergarten Preparation

With kindergarten right around the corner, it’s important for young children to be ready for school. Our teachers work with Pre-K students to build recognition skills, which can help them be more successful learners.

Counting, colors, letters, shapes, sorting skills and sight words are just some of the many subjects incorporated into our program’s curriculum. As the first few years of a child’s education are crucial to overall development, an effective Pre-K Program is very important.

Communication Skills

Communication is a fundamental skill every child needs to develop in order to thrive during school and interact with others. Our Preschool Program gives children the opportunity to build relationships with one another through play and social interaction.

With the Pre-K children, our teachers are prepared to demonstrate the importance of listening and other basic skills that will help kids move forward in their educational careers.

Monthly Themes

Our programs at Carrier Academy of Learning break down curriculum into monthly themes and specialized areas of learning each week. Our preschool themes include My Five Senses, Fun on the Farm and About Me.

The more advanced themes for our Pre-K Program include Seasons & Weather, Animals & Habitat and Healthy Me. Not only do these themes give each child something to look forward to, but they also allow parents to stay up-to-date with the curriculum.
To learn more about enrolling your child in our Preschool or Pre-K Program, contact Carrier Academy of Learning!